Educating end-users about security awareness is what we do. And we believe that the more educated everyone is, the stronger we’ll all be against cyber attacks.

The HacWare VIP Program offers MSP partners the opportunity to earn $100 for the charity of their choice when a new MSP contact onboards with HacWare.

Help us reach our goal: Raise $5,000 for charities through the VIP program between September 13 - October 31, 2022.

How to join the HacWare VIP Program:

  1. Start talking to your connections about security awareness* and understanding where there might be gaps or vulnerabilities.
  2. Send an email introduction between your connections who may benefit from security awareness training and the HacWare team (here’s an email template you can use).
  3. Once your MSP contact is fully onboarded, let us know your preferred charity and we’ll make the donation!

*If you’re already doing that - great, us too! Let’s chat together on LinkedIn.

Once you send the introduction, we’ll continue the conversation. If your MSP connection decides to partner with HacWare as their security awareness solution, we’ll say thank you by donating $100 to your favorite charity on your behalf. Let us know if you have questions about the program by sending us an email.

Additional Resources

Download HacWare flyer

Email template for sales introduction

About HacWare

HacWare is the future of cybersecurity training because we are solving the root cause of data breaches ... Human error! HacWare makes it easy for lean security teams and security developers to provide AI-powered cybersecurity user training solutions. This automated technology helps busy workforces learn about cyber threats and how to protect themselves from spear-phishing attacks and Business Email Compromised (BEC) scams. HacWare uses cloud technology, A.I. supervised learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify internal risks to email hacks. Then auto-generates personalized phishing campaigns to keep employees alert and educated. HacWare's products have helped companies around the world combat advanced phishing attacks to reduce malware outbreaks by 60%. For more information about HacWare, visit