If you're utilizing AppRiver's SpamLab spam filtering, you can whitelist HacWare to allow our simulated phishing test emails and training notifications through to your end users.

For more information on this process, see Zix's How do I limit Inbound SMTP Traffic to servers article. If you run into issues whitelisting HacWare in AppRiver, we recommend contacting our support team whenever you need assistance.

Follow these instructions to whitelist in AppRiver:

  1. First, log onto the AppRiver Admin Center.
  2. Select FiltersIP Addresses.
  3. Under Allowed IP Addresses, add our IP address:
  • Allowing an IP address will make each message originating from it bypass all filtering checks except for virus filtering.
  1. Click Save.

‌Learn more about HacWare at hacware.com. If you are a Managed Security Service provider (MSSP) or IT professional, we would love to automate your security education services, click here to learn more about our partner program.