HacWare's phishing intelligence team has reviewed the worst phishing attacks from November 2021 and put them into 8 categories. Please share this information with your end-users to empower them to do their part to fight against phishing attacks.

Here are the Top 8 Worst Phishing scams from November 2021:

  1. FBI BEC Breach Alerts - Beware of messages impersonating the United States Department of Homeland Security, titled, “Urgent: Threat actor in systems”. In November cybercriminals used a BEC scam with an FBI email address to impersonate the US. Dept. of Homeland Security.
  2. Human Resources Smishing Attack - Beware of text messages stating, “You have been selected for a part time/full time role…”. Cybercriminals are reaching out to their targets directly with text messages about job opportunities.
  3. COVID-19 Impact Funding - Cybercriminals realize that the pandemic is not over and many are struggling with the financial impacts from COVID 19. Criminals are impersonating businesses and government labor departments with fake lures regarding impact payments.
  4. Invoices - Bad Actors have sent fake invoices and receipt lures to targets for the 9th month in a row. This scam started receiving popularity from threat actors in February 2021 with Norton subscription auto renewal. In November, the trend continued with the emails having more sophisticated Norton branding.
  5. Monthly Balance Increase Alerts - Threat actors are sending text messages about fake billing alerts regarding monthly payment increases.
  6. Calendar Management Changes - Beware of emails titled “Your Calendar Profile”. This phishing attack states that the user’s calendar software needs to be changed to better meet the users needs.
  7. Microsoft Communication Attacks - Cyber-criminals impersonated Microsoft with fake faxes or voice messages to install malicious software onto devices to steal more data.
  8. Delivery - This is the most used scam by bad actors in 2021 because it has been used for 11 consecutive months. In November, the attacks got better because the emails followed clone phishing practices which made them harder to detect.

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