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Watch now to see the phishing attack from the Nobelium (aka APT29) cybercrime group that our proprietary mining technology has uncovered for this week!  In this week's video, we share our most exciting platform release, and cybersecurity news about NoBelium (SolarWinds attack), Microsoft and HR Phishing scams.

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  • 0:44 Product Management Product Release
  • 3:24 NOBELIUM US AID / Constant Contact Phishing Attacks
  • 7:50 Microsoft Spoofed Website Attacks
  • 8:00 HR Competitive Salary Phishing Scams

Need Resources?

Check out the security alert released by Microsoft to learn more about preventative measures for your security team.

New sophisticated email-based attack from NOBELIUM - Microsoft Security
Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has uncovered a wide-scale malicious email campaign operated by NOBELIUM, the threat actor behind the attacks against SolarWinds, the SUNBURST backdoor, TEARDROP malware, GoldMax malware, and other related components. The campaign, initially observed and …

If you have experienced a cybersecurity incident, here are free templates to communicate with your stakeholders

3 Cybersecurity Attack Email Templates that’ll Keep the Clients Calm and Build Trust
This article shows you how to communicate effectively with your customers in the midst of a cybersecurity incident. Communicaton is key to building a trusting relationship with internal and external customers.

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