1. Go to Google Workspace Admin to add a content compliance setting.
    Then select "CONFIGURE" under the Content Compliance section.   Enter a description, "HacWare Gmail".

2. Email messages to affect: Inbound

3. Add expressions that describe the content you want to search for in each message.
a. Select “If ALL of the following match the message
b. Metadata match: Source IP is within the range

4. If the above expression match, do the following
a. Modify message
i. Add Custom headers and enter the following:


b. Check Bypass Spam Filtering for this message

5.  Click SAVE

6.  Please set up allow list rules for Gmail.

7. If necessary: Modify existing other email security rules for content compliance or allow list.
a. Find the custom header and allow.
b. Find the Sender IP rule from above and allow